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A Time to Kill

Pelican Brief
Runaway Jury
Street Lawyer
Painted House



Published: 1991
Pages (Paperback): 512
Pages (Hard Cover): 421
Rating: 10
Movie: Yes



      "I appreciate you coming," Voyles started.
      "I didn't feel as though I had a choice. You folks have been relentless."
      "Yes. It's important to us."
      Mitch breathed deeply. "Do you have any idea how confused and scared I am. I'm totally bewildered. I would like an explanation sir."
      "Mr. McDeere, can I call u Mitch?"
      "Sure. Why not."
      "Fine. Mitch, I am a man of very few words. And what I'm about to tell you will certainly shock you. You will be horrified. You may not believe me. But I assure you it's all true, and with your help we can save your life."
      Mitch braced himself and waited.
      "Mitch, no lawyer has ever left your law firm alive. Three have tried, and they were killed. Two were about to leave, and they died last summer. Once a lawyer joins Bendini, Lambert, & Locke, he never leaves, unless he retires and keeps his mouth shut. And by the time they retire, they are part of the conspiracy and cannot talk. The firm has an extensive surveillance operation on the fifth floor. Your house and car are bugged. Your phones are tapped. Your desk and office are wired. Virtually every word you utter is heard and recorded on the fifth floor. They follow you, and sometimes your wife. They are here in Washington as we speak. You see, Mitch, the firm is more than a firm. It is a division of a very large business, a very profitable business. A very illegal business. The firm is not owned by the partners."
      Mitch turned and watched him closely. The Director looked at the frozen pond as he spoke.
      "You see, Mitch, the law firm of Bendini, Lambert & Locke is owned by the Morolto crime family in Chicago. The Mafia. The Mob. They call the shots from up there. And that's why we're here." He touched Mitch firmly on the knee and stared at him from six inches away. "Its Mafia, Mitch, and illegal as hell."

Copyright 1991 John Grisham