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A Time to Kill
Pelican Brief
Runaway Jury
Street Lawyer
Painted House



Published: 1999
Pages (Paperback): 544
Pages (Hard Cover): 435
Rating: 8
Movie: No


The book starts off with billionaire Troy Phelan committing suicide by jumping out of window from his office. Troy was married four times and had three ex-wives and six children who were alive. They all wanted to some of Troy's money when he died. Just before Troy jumped he signed a testament and appointed Josh Stafford as the executor of the will. The testament said that the ex-wives get nothing and his children get enough money to just pay off all of their debts. Troy also wrote in his will that the rest of the money goes to Rachel Lane, a daughter that no one had heard of and supposedly worked in Brazil as a missionary. Josh sent Nate O'Riley, a lawyer from his firm who was coming out of rehab, to go looking for Rachel in Brazil.
             Nate hires a travel guide and goes searching for Rachel. After a couple of days of searching he finds Rachel and tells her about the legal matter for which he came. She refuses to sign the paperwork and does not want anything to do with the money. Nate returns to the United States without getting the job done. If Rachel does not want the money, it will be split between the children of Troy Phelan. That was the last thing that Troy wanted. So Josh had plan that would not give the six children a fair share of the money. Read the book to find out if Josh's plan works and find out what happens to $11 billion! Does it land in the hands of people who will blow it or will Rachel take it and do something good with it?



Main Characters: 

Troy Phelan

Nate O'Riley

Rachel Lane

Josh Stafford

Copyright 2001 Amarjot Biring